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Featuring a Streeter Employee I Admire!  

Mike Perez, our bindery manager, shared with me that he was recently coaching for a Special Olympic Team. It all began with Mike’s friend who coached a Special Olympics team that his son played on. Mike, always one to give back, jumped at the opportunity to coach as well. The sport was Flag Football and the team name was the San Diego Dragons (picked by the players). In the few months this co-ed team spent training and practicing, all the athletes got to know and adore Coach Mike.   The first tournament was held in Irvine and the team came home with a Gold Medal! The second tournament was held in San Diego and the San Diego Dragons won a Silver Medal after a hard-fought game.   Mike shared that the players had so much fun, whether they won or lost. This was a labor of love and such a heartwarming experience for Mike that “Coach Mike” will be back training next season!
Insight Comes From Everywhere!

Over the weekend I perused the Next Door website for my area. I came across many local neighbors who were complaining about young men coming to their door offering pest control services.   The solicitors had absolutely ZERO forms of branding or identification of the company they were representing. They DID have a clipboard, but that was it. No hat or shirt with a company logo, no brochures, no business cards or flyers to substantiate even the identity of their company much less the value or benefits of doing business with them. In my opinion, that is a perfect example of negative marketing. Who would trust that sort of company? As a matter of fact, many neighbors thought that their homes were being earmarked or “cased” for a future break-in.   I will admit that my heart went aflutter when my neighbors stated how valuable printed material is for substantiating the actual existence of a company. Their lack of any business tools seems like a fly-by-night con operation. What kind of legitimate business would not have any printed materials; nothing with any imagery, testimonials, a website, or even a phone number and a QR code so that the potential new customer can do their own research before making their purchasing decision.   Printed matter is crucial for anyone in business. At the very least, brochures and business cards not only help substantiate the validity of a business, but when used as Leave-Behinds, that’s an important step on the road to gaining a new customer. When your prospect has something to refer back to after you walk away, it’s a reminder that helps encourage them to consider giving their business to your company.   Be equipped. Come to the game with a bat and glove – THEN you can play ball!  

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