Streeter Printing’s E-Newsletter: April 2024

A quiote: You don't close a sale, you open a relationship, Atleast that's what we believe at Streeter Printing!

 Selling Value in a Competitive Business World The perception of value can be achieved in many ways. Might I suggest:□ Are your phones answered by humans?□ Do you respond to your customers’ needs as quickly as possible?□ Does your customers’ experience with your product or service instill their confidence?□ Are your prices competitive?□ Do you have a positive reputation? How […]

Brand Consistency Across Print and Digital Channels

Person checking color swatches to ensure a tight color match at Streeter Printing

Best Practices for Brands 59% of global shoppers prefer buying new products from brands that are familiar to them. But how do shoppers become familiar with certain brands in the first place? The key is consistency.  Consistency can be challenging when working with multiple marketing channels. Still, despite the challenge, investing resources into print and digital […]

How Print Marketing Enhances Customer Engagement

Photo of a woman reading a marketing piece and she is happy.

How Print Marketing Enhances Customer Engagement Print marketing enhances effectively communication with your current and potential customers. Author and motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said, “If you just communicate, you can get by. But if you communicate skillfully, you can work miracles,” highlighting the importance of connecting well with your customers. Every business aims to […]

Designing for Impact

Colorful image representing bright desgins

The Power of Visual Communication Humans process unfathomable quantities of information through sight alone. Consider this crazy statistic: The human brain processes images in just 13 milliseconds, with the eyes shifting gaze three times per second. People can recognize and comprehend dozens of pictures in a fraction of a second! This pace is something verbal communication […]

Effective Sales Collateral

Picture of happy customer reviewing printed sales materials that are available from Streeter Printing.

Creating Print Materials That Close Deals Many may overlook the power of printed sales collateral in today’s digital world. However, print materials remain crucial in closing deals and converting leads into customers.  In fact, according to a study by MarketingSherpa, 82% of consumers trust print collateral more than digital advertisements when purchasing. So, how can you […]

3 Types of Monthly Mailings to Connect and Engage with Your Audience

Happy couple receiving mail at their mailbox which deomstrates thir positive attitude toward receiving physical marketing mailings.

3 Types of Monthly Mailings to Connect and Engage with Your Audience People love to receive physical mail. In fact, 70% of people said mail, rather than email, gave them a better impression of the company that sent it. Monthly mailings are an engaging, unique, and thoughtful way to reach new and loyal customers. From stories […]

Get Business Blooming with 4 Spring Print Marketing Themes

examples of three spring time themed flyers to evoke spring sales emotions

Get Business Blooming with 4 Spring Print Marketing Themes Birds chirp louder, the sun lingers longer, and colors shine brighter. Ahhhh . . . spring. There’s nothing like spring to bring pep in the step and joy to the heart. Capitalize on this natural momentum with fun and energetic designs! Use these ideas to put […]

9 Innovative Fold Styles for Brochures

woman reading a folded brochure

9 Innovative Fold Styles for Brochures Even with the rise of digital media, brochures still hold immense value in marketing and advertising. They offer a tangible and easily shareable platform to showcase your brand or product, creating a lasting impression on potential customers.  With fierce competition in the market, it’s crucial to make your print designs stand […]

Effective Copywriting for Print Marketing

Image of typewriter and sheets of paper flying about. Fpr Streeter Printing's Blog

Learn Effective Copywriting for Print Marketing Print marketing offers a tangible experience that digital advertising can’t replicate. By combining eye-catching design and compelling copy, print ads can create a lasting impression on potential customers. But how do you ensure that your print ad stands out amongst the noise of other ads? The answer lies in effective […]

5 Areas of Focus for Business and Marketing Success

5 Areas of Focus for Business and Marketing Success Did you know that as of early 2023, the share of companies’ revenue spent on marketing in the US reached 10.9 percent – a result significantly above the global figure? Why do companies choose to invest so much of their budget and resources into marketing? Because a strong […]