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Fundraising Appeals

Before the end of the fiscal year is typically a popular (and productive) time when fundraising appeals go to work. That’s because donations to non-profits are tax deductible. And people know their bottom line for the year and what they can contribute.

Direct mail’s response rate is 5-9% and email response rates are around 1%. Why? Because email addresses change more often than physical addresses, plus, physical mail in your hand is harder to ignore.

In 2022, Americans gave $499.33 billion to charity. The largest source of giving came from individuals, who contributed $319.04 billion, representing 64% of total giving. 21% of total nonprofit giving came from foundations in 2022, for an estimated total of $105.21 billion.

Paper mailings will generally consist of 4-5 items:

  1. An outer envelope with a “teaser” printed on it to encourage you to open it.
  2. A letter of appeal which will have images to pull at your heartstrings (such as homelessness, children who suffer, abused animals etc.)
  3. A fold-over respond card with a “designated” amount to donate along with space for credit card information.
  4. A respond envelope to insert the respond card and mail it back. 
  5. A “gift” such as personalized address labels, a pen, or a coin.

The package will usually have the items personalized to be even more appealing so we will donate money to their cause.

Senders will often purchase mailing lists tailored specifically to their target audience. Why is it so important to send direct mail appeals? Because they are SUCCESSFUL!

Call us for assistance with your direct mail project – 858-566-0866 or click on over to Request a Quote.

Tip for Holiday Cards

Don’t get lost in the holiday shuffle – Be the first to thank your clients as the holiday season begins. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to thank your clients for their patronage and wish them a happy holiday season at the same time.

Studies show that when we read (or hear) a list, the first and last in that list are the items people remember.

Most people (and businesses) are still in the habit of sending Christmas Cards. In November, without competition, you will have your client’s undivided attention… and they may even have a minute to think about and reinforce their appreciation of YOU! Your card will be remembered while those in the stack will all blur together.

Don’t wait too long.

We can help you create personalized Thanksgiving cards for your clients. Give us a call at 858-566-0866.

All the best to you,

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