Postcard Printing Services San Diego

Postcards are a great way to grab attention and maximize ROI. When you have the right design, your postcard stands out from the rest of the mail in the recipient’s mailbox.

Custom Designs, Unique Shapes & Sizes

You can customize your postcards with unique shapes, interesting color combos, graphics or photos that make it pop. Your message is seen immediately with no envelope to open or letter to read! Pre-sort (bulk rate) postcards can range from 4” x 6” up to 6” x 11.5” so the length of your message matches the size of the card!

Postcards are great for marketing!

Upcoming Sales

Event Reminders

Driving Website Traffic

Announcing Grand Openings

Direct Mail Campaigns

Mailing Lists & Audience Targeting

To ensure your message reaches its target audience, we can help you obtain a customized mailing list tailored to meet the needs of your project! With direct mail postcard printing, you can also leverage additional services like variable data printing for personalized messages based on customer data. This means you can hit the right target market with the perfect message to increase your visibility and sales!

Be sure to plan ahead and allow enough time for printing and mailing your postcards — it’s one of those marketing pieces where timing is everything!

Postcard printing is a great way to reach your target market and get your message across. With customized mailing lists, the right design, and just enough time for delivery, you can maximize ROI with postcards that stand out from the crowd!

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