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Streeter Printing’s E-Newsletter: April 2024

Selling Value in a Competitive Business World

The perception of value can be achieved in many ways. Might I suggest:
□ Are your phones answered by humans?
□ Do you respond to your customers’ needs as quickly as possible?
□ Does your customers’ experience with your product or service instill their confidence?
□ Are your prices competitive?
□ Do you have a positive reputation? How are your online reviews?
□ How visible are you? Do utilize a variety of different types of marketing, known as multi-channel Marketing?
□ Is your website user-friendly and up to date?

Businesses have always attempted to sell value, however, the definition of value is constantly evolving. We can no longer use the “Throw-the-Spaghetti-Against-the-Wall-and-See-What-Sticks” marketing method. A business can offer tremendous value and still not gain the sale if it doesn’t reach its target market and set itself apart from the competition.

How does YOUR checklist compare?

“I Forgot My Business Cards.”

“One of the most valuable pieces of advice I ever received was to give a new contact my business card when I met them. “You never know when someone is going to want to do business with you,” Rob was told.
This article, written by my friend, Rob Weinberg, from MBT Consulting, piqued my interest. It discusses the value of a small investment to avoid the risk of lost opportunity. Be sure your business card states who you are and what you offer! Read article.

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